Who’s on Team Biss?

By Team Biss

Team Biss is made up of thousands of people across Illinois, including several elected officials and organizational leaders, and we’re thrilled to have them on our team. Whether as individuals or groups, our supporters are dedicated to fighting for progressive values. Our grassroots movement is growing every day, and Democrats across Illinois are taking note.


Robin Kelly (U.S. Representative): “We need a principled leader who will stand up for what’s right, who will fight for the forgotten and middle class — and has the receipts to prove it. Daniel will be a strong, principled voice in Springfield for our values. I trust Daniel to be the governor for all of us, not just some of us. If you’re like me, you want a leader who will put people over politics. There’s no one I trust more than Daniel to lead this fight and win.”


Sheila Simon (Former Lieutenant Governor): “Daniel gets things done—that’s why I’m endorsing him for governor. Daniel hasn’t been stopped by political logjams or by criticism from some members of his own party. Daniel finds new ways to solve old problems and encourages all of us to fight for what we believe in. From introducing a constitutional amendment to create a progressive income tax to fighting for a more just school funding system, Daniel is a leader.”


Omar Aquino (State Senator): “What impresses me the most about Daniel is his dedication to amplifying voices that are typically ignored. When we’re working together, whether to raise the minimum wage, create a student loan bill of rights, or protect undocumented communities, Daniel’s integrity and persistence inspire our colleagues to stand with us. I’m always proud to have Daniel by my side in the legislature, and I’m excited to continue working with him as governor.”


Bill Cunningham (State Senator): “ Daniel Biss is the candidate I trust to solve the problems Illinois is facing… It’s why I’ve fought alongside Daniel in the Senate to create a Student Loan Bill of Rights, reform our broken property tax system, and end cycles of wage discrimination, and it’s why I’m endorsing him for governor today.”


Don Harmon (State Senator): “As we’ve worked together in the Senate, from introducing a constitutional amendment to allow for a fair income tax to creating a small donor matching plan to get big money out of politics, I’ve always admired Daniel’s commitment to organizing. He’s not introducing bills for the headline, or to wrap up a quick accomplishment for the next election cycle—he’s in this for the long haul and understands how to mobilize the support necessary to win meaningful reforms for working families. It’s been a pleasure to work with Daniel in the Senate, and I know our state will benefit immensely from his passion, expertise, and long-term vision when he’s governor.”


David Koehler (State Senator): “Daniel and I have worked together for years in the Senate on issues ranging from healthcare reform to consumer protections, and I know that he’s someone we can trust to stand on our side. Given Daniel’s success at passing bold legislation amidst the obstructionism that has characterized Rauner’s time in office, I am confident that Daniel will bring to Springfield the changes we so desperately need.”



Pat McGuire (State Senator): “Daniel Biss applies his smarts, heart, and work ethic to solving a greater range of state problems than anyone I know. Time and again, I’ve seen Daniel devise bold solutions, refine them through compromise, and win bipartisan support for measures that strengthen Illinois families and communities.”



John Mulroe (State Senator): “Whether he’s creating a first-of-its-kind retirement savings program or protecting consumers from misuse of personal data, Daniel is known for examining every facet of the issue at hand, engaging key advocacy groups, and organizing our colleagues to bring about long-term change. It’s been a pleasure to collaborate in the legislature, and I look forward to supporting Daniel on the campaign trail and when he’s governor.”


Laura Murphy (State Senator): “Daniel is the candidate I trust to bring transparency and accountability to Springfield. For years, I’ve admired Daniel’s collaborative and solution-oriented approach to working with advocacy groups and passing legislation like the Student Loan Bill of Rights. And my trust in Daniel has only grown stronger as I’ve seen him empowering voters, sharing a progressive vision, and harnessing the power of our communities on the campaign trail.”


Steve Stadelman (State Senator): “Daniel has the experience and the vision to transform our state government. To not only pass a budget that balances on paper, but one that provides long-term stability. Our families, like the middle class and working families around the state, deserve to know that our government is working for them—not just to maintain the status quo, but to do the hard work of creating opportunity.”



Carol Ammons (State Representative): “With his decade-long record of grassroots organizing and legislative accomplishments to make our state a better place for middle-class families like his own, Daniel is the progressive leader I trust to lead that change. I look forward to rallying our communities and our state around a hopeful 2018 election cycle.”



Kelly Cassidy (State Representative): “Daniel is the only candidate in this race who has a record of enacting real, progressive change, including for the LGBTQ community. When we passed the ban on conversion therapy, when we passed marriage equality — he was there every step of the way, working with me and others in the community, doing the actual hard work of making laws that protect us.”


Will Davis (State Representative): “We can elect a progressive legislator with real budget solutions, a community organizer dedicated to amplifying all of our voices, and a middle-class father we can trust to stand on our side. I’m proud to announce my endorsement today and to organize my community to join in as well.”


Will Guzzardi (State Representative): “I’m proud to endorse Daniel Biss for Governor of Illinois. He believes that working Illinoisans deserve a fair shot at a decent life, and that the only thing standing in the way is powerful politicians who protect their special-interest friends at our expense. He’s made that clear in his work in Springfield — from education funding reform to raising the minimum wage, from closing tax loopholes to getting big money out of politics.”


Theresa Mah (State Representative): “Daniel has always been inclusive and cognizant of structural inequalities in our state. He established an Asian American Advisory council, of which I was a member, and took meaningful steps to address the needs of the Asian American community. He has been a champion of the immigrant community as well. Because Daniel has a proven track record on that front, I believe he is the best person to serve as our next governor and lead the charge towards greater diversity, inclusion, and fairness for working families of Illinois. He shares the progressive values that I hold dear. I am so very happy to endorse him.”


Ann Williams (State Representative): “During our time in the legislature, Daniel has been a leader and engaged partner in so many critical fights: protecting our environment, advocating for equality for the LGBTQ community, and securing the economic and reproductive rights of women. I’ve also seen Daniel’s dedication as we’ve tackled the many consumer protection issues that pose serious challenges in our rapidly changing 21st century economy.”


Lawrence Lessig (Activist and law professor): “Daniel is the only candidate we can trust to take on this broken system once in office. Backed by a statewide coalition of voters and experienced in organizing the legislature around his progressive vision, Daniel has the background necessary to implement long-term reforms to change the way campaigns are funded. I am honored to stand with a reformer, and I would urge every American committed to achieving democracy in America again to stand with him too.”


Debra Shore (Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner): “I am a constituent and long-time friend of State Senator Daniel Biss. Daniel has been a champion for women in health care and so many other ways. I think what we need in the next governor of Illinois is someone with experience, with integrity, and someone who is super smart and who can solve problems. And Daniel Biss is all that and more.”


Donna Miller (VP of Illinois Democratic Women): “Daniel has been a leader in women’s reproductive rights, women’s equality and making sure that women have a seat at the table. As governor, Daniel will bring those same values with him. This will be important not only for my family, and his family, but all the families across the state of Illinois.”


Dick Simpson (Former Alderman, Professor at UIC): “Daniel is a proven progressive and a leader who doesn’t shy away from the tough fights. Whether he’s introducing a small donor matching program to get big money out of politics or a bill to require presidential candidates to release their tax returns to appear on the Illinois ballot, Daniel pursues innovative solutions that will transform our democracy at its core. With an impressive record of taking on the political machine and organizing around long-term reforms, Daniel is the candidate I trust to build a state that works for middle-class families like his.”


John Arena (Chicago Alderman): “Daniel is the only candidate we trust to build a powerful, progressive movement in our state. Creating an Illinois that supports middle-class and working families is going to require a governor who can harness the power of our communities—and Daniel gets that.”



Roberto Maldonado (Chicago Alderman): “Daniel Biss is the candidate I trust to fight for my community. Working families, immigrants, and people of color in my ward face profound threats from the Trump administration, and Rauner has failed to bring the opportunity and security we need. This election is an opportunity to elect a progressive who is grounded in the needs of our families and who has the experience and drive necessary to build a state that works for all of us.”


Scott Waguespack (Chicago Alderman): “While any Democratic candidate can espouse progressive policies on the campaign trail, Daniel is the only one with a proven track record of getting things done in Springfield. From fighting for progressive revenue options to supporting efforts for an elected, representative school board in Chicago, Daniel has been on the front lines every step of the way.”




Champaign County Young Democrats: “Daniel represents our values as young progressives, supporting important issues like a progressive income tax in Illinois, strong labor unions, legalization of recreational marijuana, a $15 minimum wage, and free community college tuition. These issues are common sense in a progressive state like Illinois, and it’s a shame that true progress has been intentionally stifled by Governor Rauner’s absolutist refusal to pass any reforms unless they cripple the ability of Illinois workers to organize.”


Indo-American Democratic Organization: “Daniel has earned our trust by reforming our immigration system, making social services accessible despite language barriers, ensuring cultural sensitivity in healthcare and social services, and calling for fair election maps that properly represent communities like ours.”



Northside Democracy for America: “Daniel Biss has been a champion for progressive issues for more than a decade, first as a community organizer, then as a lawmaker. Daniel is the only candidate in this race with a record of passing laws that solve the problems facing our state. NDFA has a commitment to electing socially progressive, fiscally responsible, ethically committed Democrats, and we took this endorsement seriously, hearing from five major Democratic candidates for governor. Our members proudly voted to endorse Daniel Biss for governor,” said Melissa Lindberg and Carl Nyberg, co-chairs of Northside DFA.


45th Ward Independent Democrats: “As a middle-class father and grassroots organizer who has taken on the wealthy and well-connected on the campaign trail and in the legislature, Daniel understands that organizing alongside groups like the 45th Ward Independent Democrats is the only way to win progressive reforms and build a truly representative government. We’re proud to endorse Daniel Biss, excited to vote for him in March and November, and prepared to work together to grow our movement in this election cycle and in years to come.”



And more including: State Representatives Robyn Gabel and Elaine Nekritz, Normal City Council Member Chemberly Cummings, and Evanston 5th Ward Alderman Robin Rue Simmons.