Meet Litesa Wallace, my running mate

Litesa is a relentless fighter for working families

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Why Daniel is running for governor

People across Illinois are hurting, and it’s time to be honest about why. For too long, the rich, special interests and political insiders have made decisions about us, without us. They have set up a system that benefits them, and the rest of us are paying the price.

Daniel isn’t a millionaire or part of any political machine. As a math professor and legislator, Daniel has spent his career finding solutions to complex problems.

The challenges facing Illinois are serious, but they are not unsolvable. This election is a chance to take control of our future. By embracing bold, progressive reform, and by giving everyone a seat at the table, we can honor our commitments and make real investments in our people and our neighborhoods.

The only thing more powerful than money and the machine is people, ready to take their state back. That’s what this campaign is about—it’s about us.


Updates from the campaign:

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