Ask Daniel Biss

By Isaac Schwartz

Anyone who knows Daniel knows that he’s not one to shy away from a question. He’s often seen long after an event is over taking extra time to listen and answer questions from the audience whenever he can to the chagrin of the campaign’s often tight schedule.

From the very start of the campaign Daniel has said that this campaign is not about him — it’s about all of us who want a government for the people and by the people. Because not everyone can make it to one of our campaign events, we decided to go online with a Facebook Live Q&A. Over the weekend, Team Biss asked voters across Illinois to submit questions for Daniel. On Monday, the result was a wide-ranging Q&A where he talked what we needed to do to fix our broken school funding system and his position on other issues.

Check out the full Q&A video, and read some of the highlights below:

Heather, DuQuoin: “What are you as a [State] Senator doing about the school funding crisis? What would you do differently about the situation if you were governor?”

What I’ve been doing is fighting for a more equitable school funding system.I haven’t just been doing that for the district I represent now; I’ve been doing that because all of our state needs an equitable school funding formula. When I’m governor we’ve got to overhaul our system.” He’ll move school funding away from its reliance on property taxes, he’ll work to implement a progressive income tax to source money for fair school funding, and he’ll fight to make sure that every child in Illinois has access to the education they deserve.

Lisa, Sycamore: “Personally I think funding for schools should be equal no matter your zip code. Do you support funding schools equally?”

Right now, the way we fund our schools means if you live near a bunch of rich people, then their property values fund schools adequately. If you live in a poor neighborhood, you’re in an awful lot of trouble. That might mean extra investment in certain communities where other resources aren’t there. Right now, we’re doing the opposite.

Freeta: “What is your position on single-payer healthcare?”

“I am a supporter of single-payer healthcare, and I have been since I first ran [for elected office]… If we want to get single-payer on the national level, it’s gonna have to start with some states that are bold and are willing to make that move.”

Karl asked: “How can we leverage grassroots engagement to defeat the millions and billions currently involved in other campaigns?”

“I ask myself that same question every day…People are hungry for movement politics. You’re not going to get a state government that works for the rest of us unless you get a campaign that is owned by the rest of us.”

Thanks to everyone who submitted their questions or tuned into the stream. Together, we’re building a grassroots movement that will change Illinois politics from the ground up. If you’re passionate about making change happen in Illinois, sign up to volunteer with the campaign.