Lawrence Lessig: I believe in Daniel Biss

By Lawrence Lessig

I don’t get involved much in state politics. But the time has come to draw a line against billionaire democracy.

I am really honored to have the chance to join the leader of that fight in Illinois and to endorse the campaign standing up for our ideals. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Daniel Biss to be Illinois’ next governor.

Daniel is an extraordinary candidate, who has committed to making real reform his first priority. He will be a critical leader in the fight for a democracy of the people, running to represent people. He pushed for a small donor matching bill to fund grassroots campaigns and for leadership term limits to fight corruption in government, even when it was unpopular in his own party.

The race for Illinois governor is expected to be the most expensive statewide race in American history, with powerful self-funding billionaire businessmen already pouring millions into their own campaigns.

Daniel Biss knows that when we let billionaires run our democracy, we are putting ourselves on a dangerous path — keeping the wealthy in power and leaving the rest of us out.

Daniel knows that real reform requires a fundamental change in the way campaigns are funded — because campaigns must be beholden to citizen funders, not the wealthy few.

Daniel also knows, just as importantly, that the only way to tackle the problems facing working people and the middle class is through the action of a people-powered movement.

That’s why I’m getting involved in this race, and standing with Daniel Biss — the only candidate we can trust to take on wealthy insiders with a true grassroots campaign.

Sending Daniel to Springfield as governor would be a victory not only for working families, but also for our movement across the nation.

Thank you,

Lawrence Lessig