Daniel Biss Responds to Trump’s Decision to End DACA

By Press Team

Daniel Biss released the following statement amidst reports that Donald Trump will end DACA.

“The case for DACA is morally clear. Tearing apart families is immoral. Hurting children for the actions of their parents is immoral.

“There is no doubt about where Donald Trump stands on the moral divide as he plans to end DACA this week. While he coddles white supremacists, he rips children from their parents simply because of where they were born. Motivated by a blind hatred towards anyone different from himself, Donald Trump is attacking children who were raised in this country, live and work in this country, and are central to our country’s culture and character.

“Because of this, the case for resistance to an immoral administration action is equally clear. Illinois must be a leader in that resistance, in the immediate days and in the long term. I was proud to co-sponsor the TRUST Act, which provides safety for immigrants in our state from overreaching government authorities. And as governor, I will continue to ensure Illinois lives up to its heritage as a welcoming place that was built and thrives because of immigrants.”

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