Breaking: “Dead Heat”

By Abby Witt


BREAKING: Daniel Biss and JB Pritzker are in a “DEAD HEAT” for the Democratic nomination for governor

— Chicago Sun-Times, 2/08/2018


Huge update: A poll released today shows that Daniel is closing the gap. And get this: Daniel and JB Pritzker are separated by only four points.

Polls fluctuate constantly, but when multiple polls show the same trend, it’s clear that our campaign has momentum. We can beat JB. You know why?

Because Daniel’s got you.

But this is going to be one of the most expensive and competitive races in the country, and the only way we’ll win this is with your grassroots support. Can you chip in what you can to help us reach our $100,000 online fundraising goal? Every dollar helps.

JB’s spent $49 million and is dropping in the polls. And now, with three new attack ads from his campaign, we have a pretty clear picture of JB’s strategy for the next five weeks: continue to dodge questions about his own record, spread misleading information about Daniel, and spend even more money.

Just today, the Better Government Association questioned JB’s use of offshore tax shelters, and here’s how his campaign responded:

“We are honestly dumbfounded that an organization like the BGA, which again, has received significant contributions from JB’s Foundation, would attempt to connect nonexistent dots.”

This is yet another example of a billionaire trying to buy a different set of rules.
Daniel is in this fight to make Illinois work for working families, not the millionaires and special interests. That’s what our movement is all about. And that’s why we can win.

Together we can do this.

P.S. What we’re doing is working, and there’s no stopping us now. Chip in $10 now to help put Daniel over the top.