Early voting just got a whole lot easier

By Laura Warbelow

What’s the best way to skip the crowds and save time while casting your vote for Daniel and Litesa? Early voting!

Early voting is EASY and now underway in every part of Illinois, and Team Biss has made it even easier to cross voting off your to-do list with our new online tool. Click here to get all the information you’ll need to vote in a flash.

Our tool will make voting so much easier. With a couple of clicks, you can find out where to vote, make a plan to make it happen, and sign up for a reminder. How’s that for easy?

Confirm my polling place

By banking votes early we’re helping Daniel get a big lead, which makes it possible for organizers and volunteers to commit more time to help get out the vote. We have only 15 days before the primary election on March 20—now is the time to get a jump on the lines and help bring Daniel and Litesa one step closer to victory.

Thank you for joining the effort