Fight money and the machine

Ensuring all Illinoisans have a seat at the table

Daniel is running for governor because he believes every voice in Illinois deserves to be heard. Unfortunately, machine politics and big money have defined Illinois government for years, and by limiting voter access to the ballot box, politicians now have made it hard for ordinary people to have a say in Springfield. While this has been disheartening to hard-working Illinoisans, Daniel has a plan to restore a functional government to the state. One that works for the people, not money.

Daniel’s vision for Illinois takes big money out of government and restores the powerful voice that ordinary citizens are entitled to. Voter turnout is essential to ensuring the mandate of the people and the recently passed bill Daniel co-sponsored, automatically registering people to vote, will make it easier for all Illinoisans to have a high level of involvement in government.

Taking on Big Money

Money has always been a part of politics, but the Citizens United decision affirmed it would be a disturbingly out-sized influence for generations to come. Here is what Daniel has done to fight big money:

  • Equalizing campaign finance laws. To make sure ordinary people can run for office, Daniel has introduced a small-donor matching program in Illinois that would help limit the influence of big money on politics. Read more>>
  • Closing the Wall Street loophole. For instance, the carried interest loophole gives ultra-wealthy hedge fund managers a 20% tax break on their earnings. Thanks to a bill Daniel has sponsored, Illinois is poised to become the first state in the nation to fix that loophole, but there’s still plenty more to be done. Read more>>

Taking on the Machine

It is no secret to anyone in Illinois that machine politics are completely broken, and that the system needs to be fixed to once again work for all Illinoisans. Here’s how Daniel has fought the machine:

  • Calling out machine politicians. Daniel is the only candidate for governor who has called on Governor Bruce Rauner and Speaker Madigan to set aside their differences and compromise for the sake of Illinois’ citizens — or be replaced. Read more>>
  • Easing the property tax burden. Sky-high property taxes in Illinois have put the strain of the budget deficit on the back of the middle-class while billionaires reap the tax breaks given by the machine. Daniel recognizes that the road to financial solvency cannot be attained by punishing working-class Illinoisans, but rather by freeing the middle-class from unneeded obligation and making billionaires pay their fair share. Read more>>
  • Enacting term limits. One of Daniel’s first acts as a legislator was to introduce a measure to limit the amount of time anyone could serve as Speaker of the House or Senate President. Read more>>
  • Fighting for local government consolidation. It’s time to end long-standing government structures in Illinois  that have allowed for reckless fiscal policies and good ol’ boy politics as usual—they simply do not work in Illinois’ best interest. Daniel has therefore fought for ideas like municipal consolidation, which allows local governments struggling financially to join with a nearby partner, enabling them to improve services while reducing wasteful spending, while mitigating corruption. Read more>>


Click here for a downloadable version of Daniel’s platform on fighting money and the machine.