Healthcare is a human right

The Affordable Care Act took giant steps forward in expanding access to care, including bringing coverage to over one million Illinoisans, and bringing billions of federal dollars into the state while creating tens of thousands of jobs. But we still have much work to do. As the wealthiest continue to benefit from a rigged system, there are still too many families who have to choose between putting food on the table and paying for healthcare.

Daniel believes healthcare is a universal right, and that’s why we need Medicare-for-All.

Part of his platform the very first time he ran for office, Daniel recognizes that the road to single-payer healthcare is going to be a long and hard one. But, if our goal is to create a cost-effective healthcare system, we need Medicare for All. To make this a reality, Daniel is fighting for a progressive income tax and has introduced legislation to tax LaSalle Street and close corporate tax loopholes. These bills would go a long way toward achieving the funding we need to make single-payer a reality.

The status quo has got to go.

Pre-existing conditions

Daniel didn’t just organize against President Trump’s American Health Care Act. He also passed legislation guaranteeing that even if Trumpcare went into effect, Illinoisans could not be denied coverage simply because of a pre-existing condition. Read more>>

Expanding Medicaid

Daniel voted for a bill expanding total Medicaid eligibility, brought billions of new federal dollars in for healthcare, and brought coverage to over 300,000 uninsured Illinois residents. Read more>>

Ensure Access to Birth Control

As governor, Daniel will ensure Illinoisans have access to birth control so they can make their own decisions about family planning. This includes mandating that it is covered by insurance and properly funding education and outreach efforts so individuals are aware of their options.

Daniel believes every Illinoisan has a right to complete and accurate information about their healthcare options, including information about reproductive choices and care, and a right to receive the care that’s best for them. That’s why he found a way to guarantee patients access the information and care in a way that doesn’t violate healthcare providers’ right to deny care that is not in accord with their faith. By amending the Health Care Right of Conscience Act, Daniel made sure that Catholic hospitals must inform patients of alternative ways to access services. Read more>>