Meet Litesa Wallace, My Running Mate

By Daniel Biss

Today, I’m pleased to announce my pick for lieutenant governor, Litesa Wallace.

Watch the special video announcement here and please share with your friends and family:

Meet my running mate: Litesa Wallace. She's a relentless fighter for working families, a progressive champion, and committed to making our state work for everyone. Read more:

Posted by Daniel Biss on Friday, September 8, 2017


Litesa is a progressive champion for working people and families, and the relentless fighter we need for Illinois right now.

As a state legislator from Rockford who has been a leader on issues like health care for children, $15 minimum wage, and making millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share, Litesa is the person I can trust to make Illinois a state that works for all of us, not just the few.

Litesa’s policy-making credentials aren’t the only reason I’m proud to have her as my partner.

Litesa grew up in a union household, and is the daughter of a law enforcement agent and postal worker. She began her career as a counselor, working with abused children, families in crisis, and people struggling with substance abuse. After completing a master’s degree and doctorate at Northern Illinois University, while raising a son on her own, Litesa taught psychology courses.

Litesa’s experiences as a counselor and educator drew her to public service. She began volunteering, and working directly with policy-makers on issues most important to her. Eventually, Litesa ran for the Illinois House of Representatives — and she won.

As a single mom and sole breadwinner for her family, she understands the struggles of the millions of Illinoisans who are also trying to get by.

As a woman of color, she understands that justice and opportunity aren’t equally distributed or readily available to everyone.

As a social and economic justice champion in the legislature, she’s a proven fighter for the issues and people that have too often been forgotten by the powers in Springfield.

Just as important, Litesa isn’t the kind of person who takes a job because it’s glamourous or has a fancy title. She joined this ticket because she believes in public service and how it can transform lives for the better.

For all those reasons, Litesa Wallace is the woman who I can trust to help build a new progressive future in Illinois and to be our lieutenant governor.

This isn’t a decision I take lightly. We need a lieutenant governor who will be able to stand up and fight for Illinoisans on day one.

That’s why I’m excited to have Litesa join our team. I hope you’ll join us.