I’m committed to open data and transparency. Here’s why:

By Daniel Biss

I’m proud to sign Chi Hack Night’s Open Data Pledge. I pledge my commitment to leading a transparent administration that uses open data policies to improve the lives of citizens in Illinois.

But I’m not just pledging transparency in the future. In my time as a state senator, I’ve been a passionate defender of individual privacy and government accessibility, and have authored and sponsored several bills that would push our government to be more transparent.

In 2012, my bill HB5444 was passed, which led to the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages data being publicly available and downloadable online.

I also introduced SB1900 which required state universities to create task forces on open access to their research data. These task forces work to ensure that everyone has access to any research being funded by the taxpayers. That bill also passed.

But any work to make government data more open and accessible comes with concerns about data privacy and security. This is an issue I care deeply about.

I introduced a bill which provided protections for private citizens from government surveillance via drones and other unmanned aircrafts.

I also introduced SB2343, which would eliminate police cell surveillance using fake cell phone towers that put hundreds of innocent people’s data on file without a warrant.

As governor, I will continue to fight for the protection of Illinois citizens from privacy invasions and data breaches, and find new ways to grow our democracy through government accountability, open data, and transparency.