Pick my state fair food

By Daniel Biss

The Illinois State Fair is a tradition that stretches back for generations. I’ve been attending since 2006, and I couldn’t be more excited about it this year. I love going because you get to see things from all over Illinois mashed up in one place:

  • Gigantic cows made of butter
  • Cute farm animals
  • Great crowds of people from across our state

Of course, arguably the most iconic part is the food. Between the deep-fried pizza and the deep-fried tacos, you can’t possibly go wrong.

Anyhow, in the spirit of democracy — and to celebrate how much fun we can have at the fair — I’m taking the risk of letting you vote on what food I should eat when I visit the state fair later this month.

Cast your vote for the fair food you’d like me to eat. I will try the food with the most votes on camera, and I’ll share the video with you.

I’m letting you vote on the food I eat at the fair as proof that I’m accountable to your interests, not those of billionaires or special interests (or my own stomach).

So whether you vote for a candy bar on a stick or ice cream — and you can be assured that they will be deeply fried — your voice will be heard.

In all seriousness, I love the state fair because it’s about celebrating some of the best of Illinois. We live in the greatest state in the country. While times are tough and our politics sometimes feel unfixable, I truly believe that our best days are around the corner — and that we’ll get there by coming together as one people.

I’m so glad I get to share the fun of the fair with you. I hope you’ll join in by casting your vote.

Header photo via flickr

Thank you for joining the effort