The issues

Daniel is taking bold, progressive action for working families

We're building a movement to take our state back from money and the machine

For too long, Illinois government has worked for big money and the machine—not the people. I’m running to address the hard truths about what it will take to get us back on the right track, and offer a vision for what our state could be if we make decisions on behalf of all of us.

Starting here: After more than two years, we finally have a state budget. But this isn’t the budget the state of Illinois deserves—we can and must do better. As a mathematician, I’ve spent my career solving complex problems—but our budget isn’t one. The people who make the most money don’t pay enough, and instead force the rest of us to make up the difference. And if the ultra-wealthy and ultra-connected continue to control the system, it will not change. It’s time for the millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share.

It’s time for the millionaires and billionaires to finally pay their fair share.

Our budget problems are fixable. If we unite in a call for fair taxation to fund critical priorities like schools and healthcare, we can make this fundamental change that will put our economy—and our future—back on track.

Then what? Creating a fair tax structure is a good start, but money and the machine have left our communities behind. As a state senator, I’ve spent time with people from across the state—parents who watch their kids leave the state for better schools, workers who leave the state for better paying jobs, and people of all ages who don’t know how they’re going to care for their newborn or their parents. Seniors who can’t retire with certainty or dignity, and families who don’t feel safe in their own neighborhoods.

It’s time we make our government work for us.

This campaign for governor is built on your ideas and a conversation about all of our communities. While having those discussions, I also want to share my record and my vision. I’m proud of the progress I’ve made on hard problems, and of having done that with people, bringing new voices to the table to transform our state.



The Economy

Building an Illinois that works for all of us

Illinois needs a fair economy where all Illinoisans have the chance to prosper. This requires enacting protections for all residents, and ending special treatment of the ultra-wealthy.

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Expanding Opportunity

Investing In People

People and jobs are leaving Illinois every day. Giving them a reason to stay means investing in the things that help Illinoisans flourish. Funding schools and healthcare, protecting the  environment, and keeping communities safe—these all need to be priorities. Springfield must create financial stability, take care of residents, and invest in communities.

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Respecting All Illinoisans

Protecting Illinois values and communities

Illinois’ diversity is what makes it a place of opportunity. Whenever communities are under attack, by discrimination or disinvestment, Illinois must fight back.

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Fight money and the machine

Ensuring all Illinoisans have a seat at the table

The way government works in Illinois isn’t by accident. With unlimited amounts of money poured into campaigns, only the wealthy remain influential, and politicians only represent a portion of the population. This is why making a fundamental change in Illinois means going after both money and the machine.

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