Touring the State and Spreading the Word

By Team Biss

Last week was a big one for Team Biss. Despite freezing temperatures, snow falling, and the excitement for the Super Bowl heating up, Team Biss volunteers and supporters gathered all around the state to support our weekend of action. And hundreds came out to hear Daniel directly on the Road Forward College Tour.

Thousands are showing up and spreading the word about our progressive vision for Illinois. And once they’ve joined the movement, volunteers across Illinois are braving the cold and canvassing and phone banking for Daniel and Litesa. As you can see from the buzz on Twitter, Team Biss is ready to take the primary by storm.

Daniel’s college campus tour took him to the people of the state.

And at the end, Daniel, Litesa and Carol Ammons helped students cast their first ballot!

Neither cold weather or the snow could keep these volunteers away from spreading our progressive message across the state during our weekend of action.

And our canvassers got great feedback!

Phone bankers gathered to call potential voters to tell them about the progressive vision of the Biss/Wallace ticket.

Even Daniel joined in!

With just a few short weeks before the primary, Team Biss is fired up and ready to win!